Golden Edge Sports

We are a small family-run business that focuses on providing quality products and services for Southern California's growing skating community. 

Skate Sharpening is a top priority for us. In addition to being sticklers for level edges, we strive to give all of our customers the type of cut that suits their needs. We offer traditional radius of hollows in 16th increments (7/16, 9/16, etc.), as well as a number of Flat-Bottom V options. 

Hockey, figure or recreational skates, we have the tools and expertise to sharpen just about any set of blades. In fact, we do not need the skates to sharpen at all! (Great for sledge hockey players and those using Bauer's new Lightspeed Edge holders.) 

The right blade profile can greatly impact a skater's performance. Contouring periodically helps maintain the blade's shape, keeping a skater's balance and overall feel consistent. Often referred to as "profiling", it is also a good way to remove imperfections routinely found on new steel.

For those dealing with some discomfort in their current skates, we also have the tools to modify boots, using either our skate baking oven, boot-punch or boot-stretching machines.


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